Juiceteria_Falooda Ice cream_Chennai

Chennai is a busy, bustling city. I have been recently transferred here from Delhi. While coming, my only worry was the food. The first few days were really bad. Though 90% of the population can speak in English, but the climate makes it very difficult to roam around.

One day while coming back from my office, I entered a shop to get something cold. The name of the shop was Juiceteria. The owner greeted me an gave me the menu. As i love ice cream, i went straight to that section and found something called Special falooda ice cream. The price of the same was Rs. 110. I ordered it.

It took a bit longer than expected to get an ice cream. I waited. After 10 minute, the owner came with the order. I was absolutely delighted by what i had ordered. It was a tall glass filled with ice cream. The ice cream was covered with cornflakes, chocos, dry fruits. I started eating the delicacy. I fell in love with the dessert every time i filled my mouth with spoonful of the falooda. When i finished the first layer of ice cream, i found pieces of different types of fruits. It complimented the sweetness of the ice cream. The glass was filled with layers of dry fruits, ice creams, fruits, cornflakes and chocos. The cornflakes and chocos added a crispness to the dish making it really exotic. I loved it. Only one can actually be eaten by 2 people.

The owner is very nice and is always very polite. I love that the most.


I would rate this food item 5/5.


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