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web2Hi all. As i have never stayed away from my family ever, getting home made food was a challenge for me when I moved to Chennai. Eating food from restaurants turned out to be costly and not very healthy. I thought of taking a tiffin service. The food was good, but not “home made”. So I thought of starting to cook myself. Though the dishes I cook are not elaborate, or might not taste as good as what my mummy, daddy or grand mother cooks, but they are tasty and healt  hy, as I use minimum and good quality oil, fresh raw materials and no extra salt or spice.web

web1These recipes are easy to cook, especially for a bachelor or a spinster. What I do is that I cut the vegetables on weekend and store them in Zipouch bags and keep them in fridge. When i have to cook something, I just take the packet out, use the required amount of vegetables, and keep the rest again inside the fridge. Though please use the vegetables by the next weekend. And while keeping the cut vegetables in the zip bags, try keeping them open under the fan for a while and then seal it. Make sure there not much moisture in the bag as then it will make the vegetables soft. And i generally try to make food for 2-3 days. Though my boyfriend insists on not eating stale food, but in a busy schedule, we cannot make food everyday after coming back home. For working women, it is really hectic and we need to be practical.

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Our senior female working women, don’t know how they did it. They were brave women with lot of stamina. I do not have that much. I would better make food for 2-3 days and the rest days i would enjoy watching my favorite movie, or reading. If we cook 2-3 dishes together, it saves a lot of time as we are multi tasking at that time.But if in your family people do not like stale food, please make a habit of cutting vegetables in one day. Believe me it saves 50% of the time. It is nowhere written that the vegetable looses its nutritional value if we do so. We should never cut and then wash vegetables. That reduces nutritional value.

Also, apart from from these things, we can sometimes rely on ready made mixes. The sambhar mix of Gits tastes good. You can put ladies finger, carrots and other vegetables. Also, dosa mix is easily available and easy to make. Some companies also sell sweet dish mix. Also, include sprouts and fruits in your daily diet. Making sprouts is super easy. I have tried few of them. They taste good. I will list down a few of them and how they tasted so that it becomes easier for you to chose when you are staying alone.

Believe me, cooking is not very hard. Only getting together all the items takes time. After that you just have to mix everything and then leave it to cook. You don’t even have to worry about the amount of spices. It has to be real time. Things which are strong in smell should be used in small quantity and the ones with moderate smell should be used in such a way that it goes to every part of the dish. Happy Cooking. ❤


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    im beginning a blog page and i want a way to demonstrate the content is mine and so i think while i write a post i will record it on camtasia facility, will it confirm 100 it is mine?.. i dont wish to pay out 30 dollar each post to copyright them..


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