Scope: There are almost one billion animals in our country roaming around freely in the streets and everywhere. A number of them are not cared enough and are left either wounded or suffering from various diseases. Though we have shelter houses operating at various places their number is not adequate and the facilities provided are insufficient. In such a situation it becomes imperative that shelter houses are established and made available at least one a district with all the facilities like health care, stall feed etc. The scheme will endeavor to full this gap and provide requisite services to uncared for animals.
Objective of the Scheme: Making provision for establishment and maintenance of shelter houses in all the districts of the country for care and protection of the animals.
Components of the Scheme:
  • Construction of Shelter Houses in each district.
  • Construction of small health care center for each shelter house.
  • Construction of Water trough.
  • Purchase of medical equipments.
  • Purchase of medicines.
Contents of the proposals:
The proposal for grant-in-aid should be submitted giving in all detail the following:
  • The statement of the problem which the project seeks to tackle.
  • The objective of the project.
  • The geographical area that will be covered.
  • The services that will be delivered, both institutional and non-institutional and the charges.
  • The cost estimates (separately item wise), non-recurring items.
Eligibility: Under the scheme, grants can be given to voluntary organizations/institutions, universities, research institutes, schools, statutory bodies like Panchayat Raj Institutions, Municipal Corporations, Town Area Committees, Red Cross Societies and its branches.
  • The organization should have at least have at least three years of experience of working in the related area or should show evidence of competence to take up the proposed scheme.
  • It should not be run for profit to any individual or body of individuals.
  • It should have a properly constituted Managing body with its powers, duties, and responsibilities clearly defined and laid down in a written constitution.
Definition of a Voluntary Organization: For the purpose of this scheme a voluntary organization will mean:
  • A Society registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Act XXI of 1860); or
  • A Charitable non-profit making company;
  • A Public Trust registered under any law for the time being in force; or
  • Any registered non-official organization engaged in the conduct and promotion of social welfare.
Building: A copy of the site-plans/layout of the proposed building (rough sketch giving a broad indication of the building to be constructed and area to be covered etc.) and estimated cost of construction should be submitted. After the proposal has been approved in principle, the institution/organization will have to submit, blue-prints of plan with detailed structural estimates that the construction the building has been permitted. The estimates need not however be approved by State P.W.D. a certificate by the State Government/Approved value that the rates are not more than the prevailing P.W.D schedule of rates for similar work shall suffice.
  • The Institution must complete the building within a period of two years from the date of the receipt of the first installment of grant-in-aid unless extension is granted by the Central Government.
  • A certificate shall be furnished at the time of the application that a site which is neither already under any lease not notified by any legislation of the respective state govt; has been acquired for the construction of a building by the voluntary organization/institution concerned. No grant shall be sanctioned unless a site has already been acquired. No portion of the grant shall be utilized for purchase of land.
  • After the completion of the building, the organization shall furnish to the Central Government copies of the following documents.
  • A certificate to the effect that the building has been completed in accordance with the approved plans and estimates; and
  • A statement of expenditure incurred on the construction of building, duly audited by the authorized auditors.
Extent of Assistance: Financial assistance will be given up to 90 percent of the approved cost on recurring and non-recurring expenditure the balance of 10 percent to be met by the voluntary organization itself. In the case of an organization but preferable by the voluntary organization itself. In the case an organization working in a relatively new areas where both voluntary ;and Government effort is very limited but the need for the service is very great the Government may be 100 percent of the cost.
  • In the case of building grant, the Government grant will be limited in Rs.25.00 lakhs. In so far as non-recurring grant in aid under the scheme is concerned a ceiling of Rs.25.00 lakhs per annum per project shall be observed. However in exceptional cases the ceiling amount may be relaxed by the Secretary (E&F) after obtaining the concurrence of IFD.
  • In so far as grants-in-aid other than for the purpose of building are concerned the pattern of expenditure under this scheme for both existing as well as new projects shall broadly conform with the pattern of expenditure on similar items approved for similar schemes of the Ministry. However, in exceptional cases deviation may be allowed in consultation with IFD and with the approval of Secretary (E & Government of India).
Application and sanction: An organization desirous to apply for grant-in-aid under this program will send its application in the prescribed proforma to an authority or body designated of the purpose by the Ministry of Forest & Environments.
  • On receipt of an application for grant-in-aid inspection will be undertaken by the prescribed agency. On the basis of the inspection report of the prescribed agency the proposal will duly be processed.
Inspection: The Ministry from time to time will specify the nature, type and periodicity of the inspection and audit and the agency which will be designated to carry out the inspection and the audit.
Release of Grants-in-aid: Grants will be given in two installments. The first installment will cover 50 percent of the sanctioned amount and will be released on receipt of the proposal on prescribed proforma and on finding it correct. The remaining 50 percent will be released as the second installment. An execute a continuity bond valid for 5 years in the prescribed proforma to the effect that in the even of its failure to comply by any or all conditions of the grant it shall be liable to refund the whole or such part of the grant as the Government may decide with interest thereon. The organization shall maintain separate accounts of the grants of the grants received under the scheme. It shall always be open to check by an officer/agency deputed by the Government. It shall also be open to test check by Controller and Audited General of India at his discretion.
Reappropriation: The institution may re-appropriate expenditure from one sanctioned sub-head to another sub-head to a maximum of 25 percent in either cases. Such re-appropriation will be within the overall sanctioned amount. No expenditure shall, however, be incurred by re-appropriation of savings on items not sanctioned by the Ministry. Savings shall not be re-appropriated for incurring expenditure on staff that has not been sanctioned by the Ministry. All permissible appropriation should be reported to the Ministry. Prior approval for such re-appropriation is not necessary.
Changes in Approved Projects: No major changes will be made therein even, if no additional costs are involved unless the prior approval of the Ministry has been obtained.
Termination of Grants: If the Ministry is not satisfied with the progress of the project of it finds that these rules are being seriously violated, it reserves the right to terminate the grant-in-aid.

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