IELTS Essay Sample- The best way to reduce the number of traffic accidents is to raise age limit for the younger drivers and to lower age limit for the aged ones. Do you agree?

It is accepted that road accidents have increased in the last few decades. With the rapid increase in the number of vehicles on the road, together with the hush and rush lifestyles of the drivers, traffic accidents seem to be escalating in our society.Age of drivers contribute to the number of accidents, but surely not as the main factor.

Those who argue with the statement would view old and young drivers to be more reckless and therefore would be more prone to traffic accidents on the road. Lack of experience, carelessness, forgetfulness and poor fitness condition may be reasons for limiting age of drivers.For young people, the age limit can be increased because their temperament and attitude towards importance of life is not that mature. Inspired by movies, they try to mimic the stunts in real life. With older aged people, they tend to be more forgetful and tired. Many a times they fall asleep due to health issues.

On the other hand, those against the argument think that age is only a small determinant and that there is a need to look at more effective measures such as reducing the number of vehicles on road. More stringent rules have to be implemented on drivers who are drunk while driving. many drivers also drive overloaded trucks which also lead to accidents. Many drivers who are stuck in traffic jams, tend to drive faster to reach their destination on time.

To sum up, age is one of the many contributors for accidents. There are other factors too. But I believe that limiting age would help in curbing the problem.

IELTS Essay Sample-Ecological balance is impossible to achieve technological progress constantly ruins our environment. Do you agree?

As technology develops, its impact on the environment simultaneously increases. It is claimed that it is impossible to reach ecological balance in our planet, when environment is being damaged constantly as a result of progress of technology.

Firstly, in order to achieve technological progress, humanity exploits natural resources and demand on resources increase on daily basis. These activities negatively affect our ecology and contaminate our planet. According to a survey, 99% species in the reef are threatened because they are at risk from human activities like fishing, mining and so on. In addition, severe weather conditions are more frequent as compared with before.Strong cyclones, heavy floods and huge landslides are one of the results of massive deforestation. Furthermore, air pollution is the result of industrial emissions from factories. As a result, thousands of people are suffering from respiratory distress.

However, no one can deny that there are many programs around the world to harmonize the ecology in spite of the rapidly growing technology. More trees are being grown. Trees help in reducing sound and air pollution. Industries are investing on units to reduce the amount of pollutants being released. Government is also teaching people the value of recycling. They are also making strict rules of car pooling, so as to reduce pollution.

To sum up, I agree that it is impossible to achieve ecological balance. The rate at which the pollutants are getting released is very high as compared to the rate at which the pollutants are purified using the required measures. It has already been assumed that petroleum in Arabian countries will exhaust in a spam of 20-50 years. We will not be able to replenish the consumed natural resources.Hence government should come up with alternatives to reduce the consumption rate.


Loved Or To Be Loved


Since my teenage, I was quite interested in falling in love. I did not have the appearance, but still wanted someone to love me. I must have had a dozen crushes during my school days, but not many must have noticed me. I would listen my friends talking about their flirtatious conversations. Sometimes it really broke my heart to see my crush date another girl.

My love life started with me getting into college. The more I got involved, the lesser i cared about myself. The value of my love became inversely proportional to my marks. I failed, I struggled, I did not want my college friends to look down on me. I just kept struggling. I fell in love with someone, I don’t think he even considered me a girl friend. I was just another girl for him. I hurt someone, and hence he left me. Even now I know my intentions were not wrong. It was hard to make them believe that. After about a month of depression, just to forget everything, I started dating another guy. In a few months, I fell in love with him. He cared about me. We spent about 3 years together. And finally it did not work out. He had reasons not to be with me. I did not have any. I begged him to come back, but he did not. After months and months of begging I realized how foolish I had been. If people don’t respect you, that is a problem. But if you lose your self respect, that is a bigger problem.

I lost my job, I lost everything I thought I had. I went into a severe depression. The worst a person can do when he is depressed is to think that he will be able to come out of that on his own. My family did not know i was depressed, I did not have friends. I was all alone. Except there was someone, who somehow, was available for me during that time. Another college friend. I would be myself while talking to him. He would not mind a thing I would say. He was always there to support me from a distance. Even when I started dating, he was there. I just loved talking to him. And there was a time when I fell in love with this guy. But again because of my fault it did not work out.

After having several failed relations, I finally found someone who really cared enough to accept me and love me the way I am. I love him too. I care about him and his honesty. But memories can’t be deleted. I see my friends who were in love with someone else and got married to someone else, but I do not understand. I just could not do that. People say I will hurt my family, but why would they be hurt if I make a choice that makes me happy. I chose him. I had many reasons not to. But I knew, he loved me more than I did. I do not know, people say girls are bitch in case of love. I might have been one. But I still sometimes remember my old days with the other guys i had been with me, and I remember the good times we shared.

I had always wanted to fall in love with one. But if things did not work out, I always managed to find another. So is it true that love is just once? I feel love can happen as many times as you want to. I do not feel guilty, i cherish all the moments I have spent with the different kinds of people i have been with. I loved them. All of them. It was true love from my side. But when I got someone who loved me back with all his heart, I knew he is the one to chose.