Humans Or Prisoners

downloadSince we are born, we carry responsibilities. We carry values. Why are the ones who follow rules and still are responsible for destruction. Till there were only animals in the world, everything was pure, the air, the water. The moment we evolved from apes, we started destroying everything, and yet we are the most responsible ones.

We have been taught, not to disobey elders. Why? What is the reason? What is the logic behind? Being an only child, and because my parents were working, I was never close to anyone. I had few friends. I did not have the confidence to mix up. When someone tells me about respecting every decision your parents make, I do not see the reason. It used to be my birthday, but the crowd used to be my parents’ friends. What decision is that? I wanted to study something, my parents wanted me to be an engineer. I did not do well. How was that decision right?

I have always argued with many on this. Still I do not understand. Whenever I ask the reason to blindly follow your elders, they use their card “Because they have given birth to you”. Isn’t that the way with every creature? Someone gives birth to someone? Of course they cared, but every parents do the same for their children. Does that mean we are in a contract that we can’t oppose their decisions.

After successfully spoiling my career, I went ahead and kept struggling. I was not the smart one. I listened to everything my parents said, but nothing was right. I realized I was only someone who is supposed to not let the family down. But I did not want to be someone who has to live by rules. I wanted to live my life the way I wanted to. I started arguing when I did not find decisions right. I have always hated myself for not opposing my parents’ decisions on my career. I was always lonely at home, I just had a baby sitter. How are they deciding about me without knowing my interests.

Now I have chosen my career, and yes, it is not Engineering. I am not doing what would make my parents feel proud in society, but I ma happy. I moved out of my home, since then I never complained about my life. I have never asked my parents for money since I have started working. I have never asked for help. Even during my school and college days I would never share my problems with my parents. I was afraid of what they might think. I was afraid that they would call me a failure if I tell my problems. After moving out, I sometimes do not have enough money to enjoy the luxurious life I had when I was with my parents, but I ma happy. My smile has changed, everyone says. Everyone can feel my happiness.

I am happy when I Am not bound by rules and regulations. Yet people want us to obey the elders. What does this mean? Our elders do not care about happiness? Obeying and disobeying comes from within. You can care for someone, but you can not obey a person, you can obey orders if you think it is right. You can agree with someone on their idea, but the decision has to be yours. You have been given a brain to apply your decisions.

People call me a brat. They say it is their culture to follow such things. My question is who said that we have to follow it. I am not hurting someone physically or mentally. So, by not following tradition, how do I become unacceptable. Am I really free? Am I going to get another life to enjoy what I might miss in this life?


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