Teddies Are Old School..let’s copulate…:P

pdaIndian youths have been dating in secret. Out tradition has forced the youth to take their love affairs in open parks. The youngsters are so desperate, that almost everyday there are new videos coming up of couples having sex in parks or movie halls. Few parks have installed condom booths to curb unnecessary pregnancies and STDs. Why can’t an unmarried couple have sex? In our Vedas and Shastras, the saints are depicted doing the same. What is wrong if an unmarried couple have sex. If they are ready to take responsibility of their actions, why are people busy judging them.

A girl and a boy can not be in the same room alone. Parents won’t let their children have a live in relation. Everything is dependent on how the society will take it. It sometimes feel that our life is just to impress the society. Earlier I was afraid of going out with my boy friend, or to stay with him alone. I feared what my friends and the society will think. After a while when I saw that people do not care about you, they just think about themselves, I started being open about everything. I started going out with my partner and travel different places. When I tell my friends about my travel, they rarely ask me about my experience but start thinking about whether I have had sex or not. Actually, most of them think that I have had sex. To be honest, I enjoy when they think this, because they are the ones wasting their energy on this. Whatever I do when I am alone with a guy is personal. If someone asks me, I will give a straightforward answer. Believing it is on them.

Also, not just friends, many hoteliers won’t let unmarried couple stay in their hotels. Their is no rule that states that a couple cannot stay in a hotel if they are not married. Many a times the couples are harassed by either police or goons. I do not understand, why our seniors are so narrow minded. They are adults, who have reached their puberty. It is their hormones. It is natural for them to fall in love. It s natural for them to feel what they are feeling. They can not satisfy themselves by only masturbating. They sometimes need the presence of opposite sex. They need to have sex.

Boys groping their girl friends publicly in parks or in movie halls doesn’t show culture or tradition. They do not have the option to make love in the kitchen or in their bed. They need to be provided with private space. Their is a NEED. Their is a need to transform the orthodox mindsets of Indians.


3 thoughts on “Teddies Are Old School..let’s copulate…:P

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