Breathers in Meeting

Our office life is boring and so are the after lunch meetings. After coming to Chennai I have gotten into a habit of having rice in lunch. This generally leads to sleepy eyes and no concentration on what boss is saying. Sometimes we feel so sleepy that we actually try to hide behind our colleagues to close our eyes just for 5 seconds. The good solution to these things is to have a fun activity after every 30 minute in the meeting. I have come up with a few activities. These might not be super hilarious or super interesting, but it will make sure that people are not sleepy and they are listening to what you are saying.

    • Names And Adjectives: In this activity, participants describe themselves with an adjective. The adjective should start with the same letter as the first letter of their name. For example, I am Spriha and I am silly. As they say the adjective, they can also mime an action that describes the adjective.

    • Match The Cards: The facilitator chooses famous phrases, writes the first half of the phrase on a piece of paper and the second half of the phrase on another piece of paper. These papers are kept at one place. Each participant picks one piece and then they start to find people who has the 2nd part of the phrase.

    • Who Is The Leader: In this activity, the participants sit in a circle and one person is chosen to go out of the room. When he is out of the room, the participants choose a leader. They decide few actions. For example, clapping, blinking eyes, foot tapping, and so on. The one standing outside is then called inside and is made to stand in the center. The group starts to follow the leader. They have to continue the actions for a set time. The followers will have to copy the leader in such a way that the person standing in the center should not notice it. If the person can guess who the leader is, he wins and the leader has to go outside next. The rest of the group then chooses a new leader.

    • Name With Both Hands: This is a quick activity. The participants have to write their name with both hands simultaneously. We have to ignore the hand writing, but the letters should be of the correct shape.

    • Who Am I: In this the facilitator puts a sheet on the back of one participant. On the paper the name of a famous personality should be written. The participant has to move around the table and will have to ask other questions. The others can give an answer in yes or no. For example, if the name is Sachin Tendulkar, the participant can ask “Am I a Player?” and the rest says “Yes”. If he asks “Am I a football player?”, the rest say “No”.

    • A’s And B’s: In this activity, each participant is asked to think of one person as their A person and the other as their B person. Their need not be any criteria for the same. Once they have decided, the facilitator asks them to move as close to A person and as far away from B person. After a minute, reverse it. Each person has to move towards their B person and away from their A person.

    • Group Statues: In this, the participants are asked to move freely around the room. The facilitator then shouts and asks them to make a statue of something and the group will have to do so. For example, The facilitator shouts “Strong”, the group will have to make a statue that depicts strength as per them without talking.

    • I Am Going On  A Trip: The participants sit in a circle. A person starts with: “I am going on a trip..” and he adds an action. for example, “I am going on a trip and taking blessing”. He takes blessing from the person sitting on his right. That person then has to say something like “I am going on a trip, taking blessing and patting someone”. This guy has to act each action. This goes on and each member keeps adding an action to the existing actions and enacting them.
    • Five Islands: In this make 5 circles on the floor and name each island. Warm each participant that one of the islands will sink. When all are in their respective island, shout out the name of the island that will sink. The participants standing on that island will have to move to the other 4 islands. Keep doing that till only one island is left.
    • Paper And Ball: In this activity, the group should be divided in teams of 2. One person will have a register and a paper ball. They have to walk and throw the paper ball with the register to each other and will keep moving to a desired spot where a dust bin can be placed. The final throw should put  the paper ball into the dust bin. The team that does that wins.
    • Don’t Answer: Everyone sits in a circle. On person asks question to the person sitiing to his opposite. The one to whom the question was asked should not answer it himself, but the person on his left should. They can make any imaginary story.

  • Bottle Game: In this, the team is made to sit in a circle. A bottle is passed to each member. They have to do something with the bottle, for example, rotate it, shake it, and so on. Once everyone has done it, the participants will have to do what they did to the bottle to the person sitting on their right.

4 thoughts on “Breathers in Meeting

  1. Jesus Salimi says:

    You can definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.


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