I loved you… All I could say was “I will miss you”

They had been great friends. They were more than friends. That is how he said. But she fell in love. Things are never easy. Sometimes choices are made by compulsion. It was a loss for her. But she chose to miss him. Nobody asked her. She could have lived an easy life. She had spoiled her life for people who cared little for her. She did not want the same to happen to anyone. She chose to miss him because she knew he would move on. She knew it will be easier for him to ignore.

She remembers the first time they held hand, kissed, made love. It comes to her everyday. It tortures her. She remembers what he said while standing on the roof. She remembers that he was truthful to her. She wants things to go back to where she left. But he doesn’t talk. He has moved on. He has found someone. It hurts her to think of him with someone else. But it was her choice, and she has to deal with it. What hurts more is that he doesn’t care. It is her who should be blamed. She was the one who chose someone else over him. But it is true, she loved him.

People might think of her as someone who was not worth it. She wants to rewind things, wants to relive those moments again. There was something different about him. He made her smile. He was the one who cared enough to be with her even when the world stopped talking. She is afraid of finding him. She is afraid he might refuse to recognize her. He has moved on so fast. It hurts. She hopes that he would come back one day.


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