HTML5 Basics–Practice 9

Today I will explain about few more ways we can implement style to our page and about margin, border and padding. Please go through HTML5 Basics–Practice 8 before starting this practice.

We will create a new html file, eg5.html. Please type the code yourself and do not copy paste.

“Code starts”

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Fifth Page</title>
color: red;

color: blue;

border: 1px solid green;
border: 1px solid green;
padding: 35px;
border: 1px solid green;
margin: 55px;
<h1>Heading 1</h1>
<p id=”bla” >This line is using id attribute.</p>

<p class=”blabla”>This line is using class attribute.</p>

<p id=”test1″>This sentence has border.</p>

<p id=”test2″>This sentence has padding and border.</p>

<p id=”test3″>This sentence has margin and border.</p>

“Code ends”



In this code you can check we have assigned different styles to different paragraphs.The first way is to assign an id. We are assigning the style in the <style> tag. We use # to define style for the particular id. Similarly we have assigned style using class attribute as well.

We have used border, margin and padding. In simple words, padding is the space between between the content and the border, whereas margin is the space outside the border. Check the output to see the difference.


2 thoughts on “HTML5 Basics–Practice 9

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