It is so chocolaty and we love it!

We have been eating this chocolate since our childhood and even now the taste brings back the childhood memories. Melody is one of the products by PARLE(Perfect Attractive Relishing Learning Eatable). Yes, that is the full form of Parle.

It gives me great joy to write that PARLE was founded in 1929 by Chauhan Family. It is one of the largest manufacturers of biscuits and confectioneries in India. The brand is one of the most popular in India and is surviving in the competition even after globalization.

Melody is an unique mix of chocolate and caramel. It has a chocolate filling covered with a caramel layer. It touches your tongue and your taste buds makes you happy. It actually makes you think, “how can it be so chocolaty”. The tag line of Melody is same: “melody itni chocolaty kyu hai”. I remember it had another tagline as well: “melody khao khud jaan jao”.

Even those who are above 50 years, still love the chocolate and confirm that the taste hasn’t changed a bit.

Spinster/Bachelor Style Upma

Hi All.. Today I will share with you a very easy recipe. And you can make it and store in the fridge for 3-4 days in an open container.


You will need: Sooji, Oil, Urad Dal, Chana Dal, Mustard seeds, Peanuts, Moong dal, Onion, Ginger, Curry Leaves, Green chill, Hing, Salt.

You will have to keep everything ready as you cannot burn any of the ingredients as the taste will turn really bad. It happened to me the first time i tried making the dish. I haven’t mentioned the quantity as you will have to adjust everything as per your needs. If you like Chana dal, add more of it, if you like Curry leaves add it. I do not like curry leaves, hence i did not add it in my dish. Hing shouldn’t be added more. A pinch or two is sufficient. Slice the onions and chop the ginger. The quantities should be as per your need and taste.

Once you are ready with the ingredients, heat the oil. Add peanuts, urad dal, chana dal, mung dal and mustard. Fry till you see a slight change in color. Please do not burn urad dal. It tastes really bad. Then add onion. Once the color of onion changes, add salt, ginger, curry leaves, green chili. Take a cup, add a pinch of hing and a spoon of water, dissolve it and add it to the dish. Stir well. Now add sooji. Roast it till it turns light brown. Stir continuously. Keep the flame on medium or low throughout. if you forget something, feel free to turn off the burner. Make sure not to burn the sooji. It should stay white or off white. After 4-5 minute of adding the sooji, add water. Add water in such a way that the complete thing looks like a watery paste. Stir continuously. Cover it and let it cook for 2 minute. Turn off the burner and keep the dish covered for 10-15 minute.

You can spry lemon juice or have it with sambar.


Eat Home Made

web2Hi all. As i have never stayed away from my family ever, getting home made food was a challenge for me when I moved to Chennai. Eating food from restaurants turned out to be costly and not very healthy. I thought of taking a tiffin service. The food was good, but not “home made”. So I thought of starting to cook myself. Though the dishes I cook are not elaborate, or might not taste as good as what my mummy, daddy or grand mother cooks, but they are tasty and healt  hy, as I use minimum and good quality oil, fresh raw materials and no extra salt or spice.web

web1These recipes are easy to cook, especially for a bachelor or a spinster. What I do is that I cut the vegetables on weekend and store them in Zipouch bags and keep them in fridge. When i have to cook something, I just take the packet out, use the required amount of vegetables, and keep the rest again inside the fridge. Though please use the vegetables by the next weekend. And while keeping the cut vegetables in the zip bags, try keeping them open under the fan for a while and then seal it. Make sure there not much moisture in the bag as then it will make the vegetables soft. And i generally try to make food for 2-3 days. Though my boyfriend insists on not eating stale food, but in a busy schedule, we cannot make food everyday after coming back home. For working women, it is really hectic and we need to be practical.

img-20161009-wa0002        img-20161009-wa0001







Our senior female working women, don’t know how they did it. They were brave women with lot of stamina. I do not have that much. I would better make food for 2-3 days and the rest days i would enjoy watching my favorite movie, or reading. If we cook 2-3 dishes together, it saves a lot of time as we are multi tasking at that time.But if in your family people do not like stale food, please make a habit of cutting vegetables in one day. Believe me it saves 50% of the time. It is nowhere written that the vegetable looses its nutritional value if we do so. We should never cut and then wash vegetables. That reduces nutritional value.

Also, apart from from these things, we can sometimes rely on ready made mixes. The sambhar mix of Gits tastes good. You can put ladies finger, carrots and other vegetables. Also, dosa mix is easily available and easy to make. Some companies also sell sweet dish mix. Also, include sprouts and fruits in your daily diet. Making sprouts is super easy. I have tried few of them. They taste good. I will list down a few of them and how they tasted so that it becomes easier for you to chose when you are staying alone.

Believe me, cooking is not very hard. Only getting together all the items takes time. After that you just have to mix everything and then leave it to cook. You don’t even have to worry about the amount of spices. It has to be real time. Things which are strong in smell should be used in small quantity and the ones with moderate smell should be used in such a way that it goes to every part of the dish. Happy Cooking. ❤

Juiceteria_Falooda Ice cream_Chennai

Chennai is a busy, bustling city. I have been recently transferred here from Delhi. While coming, my only worry was the food. The first few days were really bad. Though 90% of the population can speak in English, but the climate makes it very difficult to roam around.

One day while coming back from my office, I entered a shop to get something cold. The name of the shop was Juiceteria. The owner greeted me an gave me the menu. As i love ice cream, i went straight to that section and found something called Special falooda ice cream. The price of the same was Rs. 110. I ordered it.

It took a bit longer than expected to get an ice cream. I waited. After 10 minute, the owner came with the order. I was absolutely delighted by what i had ordered. It was a tall glass filled with ice cream. The ice cream was covered with cornflakes, chocos, dry fruits. I started eating the delicacy. I fell in love with the dessert every time i filled my mouth with spoonful of the falooda. When i finished the first layer of ice cream, i found pieces of different types of fruits. It complimented the sweetness of the ice cream. The glass was filled with layers of dry fruits, ice creams, fruits, cornflakes and chocos. The cornflakes and chocos added a crispness to the dish making it really exotic. I loved it. Only one can actually be eaten by 2 people.

The owner is very nice and is always very polite. I love that the most.


I would rate this food item 5/5.